Private Tango Lessons 25.00 per hour
This is the best way for complete beginners to get up to speed fast dancing Argentine Tango. Or for those with some Tango dancing to brush up their skills.

Private Lesson.
By far the best and quickest way to learn this exciting dance is to book a course of private one on one lessons in a friendly atmosphere.

Ladies who, in Argentine tango are referred to as followers have their private lessons exclusively with an experienced male Argentine tango teacher.

Men referred to as leaders, take their lessons exclusively with an experienced female Argentine Tango teacher.

Your lesson will be taken on a small completely private dance floor so you can feel at ease (no prying eyes to unsettle you). We build up your confidence as quickly as possible.

Many people who take group Tango class lessons find their rate of progress slow compared to those who take one on one lessons. In group lessons it is hard to learn and practice if your partner is learning at the same time.
In private one on one lessons ladies are learning to follow the lead of an experienced Argentine Tango leader.

Men learn to lead an experienced Argentine Tango follower. Often a course of private lessons will put a dancer far ahead of those who have been taking group lessons for some years. In a short time you will have the ability to dance basic steps to try your first 'Milonga' (the name for Argentine dance venue).

We budget our one on one lessons at 25 per hour. We also offer courses for couples to learn a choreographed Argentine Tango for that special wedding dance occasion.Maybe to a Tango from one  of the films Scent of a woman Last tango in Paris Moulin Rouge,
Shall we dance, Take the lead, Easy virtueor maybe you have a special Tango, Gotans Santa Maria, Assassins Tango,  Roxanne, Una Cabeza or other. Couples lessons are 35 per hour.

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